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Completely Reasonable. Completely Metal.

Ten years ago I started Metal With Reason as a means for me to share my thoughts about metal, as well as a lot of really cool interviews I had the privilege of conducting. I ran MWR until I graduated in ‘12. After that I spent a long time doing other stuff, then in ‘17 I wanted to start writing again. Life got in the way, as it seems to more and more as I drift into my 30’s. Enter my good friend Nick, who is probably the only person I’ve ever met whose passion for metal can match mine. Nick had secretly drawn up new artwork and built the framework for this site. I was taken aback of course and promised we would get this thing together.

So here we are, folks. Welcome back to Metal With Reason. Our mission is simple: we want to write about metal. We aren’t driven by profit or view quotas. We are solely driven by our mutual love for extreme metal and our desire to give a voice to ourselves and other fans who are weary of clickbait. Every month you’ll find interviews, reviews, show recaps, photos, art, and more.

Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.

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