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Legacy post: GWAR lives!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I love GWAR. You love GWAR. We all love GWAR. Anyone who doesn't love GWAR is lame. Duh.

Jokes and superlatives aside, I truly do love GWAR as they were one of the first metal bands I truly loved. I believe they're among the best and most fun bands to see live. I've seen them more than a few times, mostly back when Dave Broke/Oderus Urungus was still at the helm. I was always up front, donning my plain white shirt to be christened in dyed waters of green, red and blue. Seeing GWAR live is like going to church for me, it's a way to live in the moment surrounded by a bunch of other weirdos who are into the same weird shit.

I'll never forget when the news of Dave's passing broke because I dropped a cup of coffee like a scene from a shitty soap opera. I know Dave's dream was for GWAR to continue without him, but I was reluctant to ever see them live – somehow that would make Dave's death real to me. I finally bit the bullet and saw GWAR on the Use Your Collusion tour, and I am very glad that I did. They still got it. The ghost of Oderus Urungus can have a raging fish boner knowing that his band is alive and well.

Long long ago, I interviewed Dave in the back of his tour bus in Indianapolis. It was a surreal experience, meeting one of my heroes and seeing him out of character. He welcomed me onto the bus and ed me to the back, where he was playing Xbox and working on a new painting. I forget what game we discussed, but I'll never forget seeing the painting. It showed Oderus driving a massive tank, running over a bunch of worthless humans. After a few moments of shooting the shit, Dave asked me if I wanted to interview him or Oderus. I had a blast talking to the man, but I wanted to talk to the legend too. Below is the interview with Oderus in all its glory, when we discussed everything from the show to Indiana's famed brown crack cocaine: that crazy brown-brown.

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