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Lesions of a Familiar Kind: Jake’s review of Undeath’s Lesions of a Different Kind

One of my favorite things about heavy metal is how wildly diverse it has become since its inception in 1970 (look at me, getting controversial in the first line!). What began simply as heavy metal has given birth to an endless and somewhat exhausting list of subgenres upon subgenres. We can all conjur a band to represent each subgenre of course, but as more and more bands come into existence, more and more subgenres inevitably proliferate. Metal begat death metal, which begat technical death metal and old school death metal and a nauseating list of other subgenres. When I try to introduce non-metalheads to various subgenres, I usually end up relying on the old standards. Trash metal? Metallica. Black metal? Darkthrone. Death metal? Cannibal Corpse. However, I think from now on, I’m going to refer these metal-seekers to Undeath whenever they ask me for a band that represents pure death metal, and I’ll send them a link to stream Lesions of a Different Kind, Undeath’s excoriating and exquisite debut record.

Art by Matt Browning
Art by Matt Browning

From the very first second of audible sound, it is made very clear what Undeath are all about: straight up death metal. This isn’t old school death metal like Possessed. This isn’t technical death metal a la Archspire. This is pure and putrescent death. Undeath capture the same energy as juggernauts like Cannibal Corpse while still keeping the sound uniquely Undeath. I definitely love the diversity of metal, especially within the death metal subcategory, but sometimes it’s nice to find something that’s simultaneously new and classic. Pack your bong and prepare for the auditory equivalent of a stampede of reanimated elephants.

Lesions of a Different Kind is out now on Prosthetic Records and on all major streaming platforms. It’s an instant classic and a must-own record for any fan of death metal, and you can bet you’ll be seeing Lesions pop up on all kinds of year-end lists.

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