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The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation: A Conduit

They call themselves a "psychological parasite, intent on invoking the ageless horrors of the collective unconscious, and born to serve as a reminder that mankind still has much to fear of the dark." Superstition prove that to be true on their latest offering The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation.

Art by Yu Rim Chung

As the chasm to the underworld opens and abject terror pours out led by an eerie percussive dirge during the first track, "Unholy Transformation Pt. 1," the vehicle by which the listener tunes into the record becomes a direct link to the violent despair of the transformation itself. Continuing into "Highly Attuned Beasts of the Dark," the band surrounds the listener echoing from every angle. The full assault comes from every facet of the music. The guitar tones swallow the listener whole. The drums come down like a wartime malevolence. The vocals lead the charge, a guide of sorts through this mire of hopelessness.

The record itself is unified in its themes and sound. It's almost as if the members of Superstition know something we don't and are relaying the preeminent despondency after having dealt with the mystery. It's as if Oizys herself took to quill and ink to unravel what misery really means. Superstition, in this manner, is a conduit. Their daunting, nearly oppressive sound directly channels the fear and morbidity of things long gone and laid to waste.

All the way through the last track "Charnel Pleasures," this albums proves itself to be more than a death metal oblation. It's a ritual, a practice of spiritual abolishment, a medium channeling the ghastly unknown.

You can find the record on 20 Buck Spin's Bandcamp. Follow the band for updates at the Facebook.

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