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Cavemen...In...Spaaaaaaaace! Tomb Mold Take Riffs to New Galaxies

Tomb Mold are back in perfect form with their latest release Planetary Clairvoyance. And lemme tell you, it’s damn good. I first discovered Tomb Mold from one of Trevor Strnad’s editorials. I’ll be the first to admit I am a huge Trevor/The Black Dahlia Murder fanboy, so any band Trevor recommends will likely get at least five minutes of my time, but Tomb Mold would end up dominating my rotation for the coming months. Their riff-heavy flavor of death metal was exactly what I was looking for. Fast forward to July 2019 and they have yet again demanded my full attention with Planetary Clairvoyance.

Cover painting by Jesse Jacobi
Cover painting by Jesse Jacobi

Death metal is no stranger to themes of space or cosmic horror. Bands such as Decrepit Birth, Origin, The Faceless, Rings of Saturn and many others have explored these themes almost to the point that space death deserves its own categorization. With its downtuned chugging riffs, Planetary Clairvoyance feels thematically as if a pair of Neanderthals hijacked a spacecraft and took off to parts unknown, compelled only by confused club-bashing and the wonder of space. Eventually they would destroy all of the spacecraft’s controls, inevitably dying a slow death adrift in the empty vastness of the universe. Perhaps caveman only pawn in game of life.

Tomb Mold are at the top of the current death metal game, and Planetary Clairvoyance deserves your full attention. Give it a spin and join us in the empty, blissful existence of the stoned wandering caveman.

Find the album at 20 Buck Spin.

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