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Cathartic Anonymity with VIDE

We had the pleasure of corresponding with an artist simply known as "Nobody." His projects range all over the place from post-punk to industrial to black metal. The last in that list is what caught our attention. Demos i and ii from vide are emotionally raw and so deeply personal. Fortunately, we weren't the only to find them and the merch store attached to the bandcamp has been sold out consistently. Find the interview below and check out both demos on their bandcamp.

1. Do you prefer to remain anonymous? Why? Who is “Nobody?”

I do. I like the idea of my music standing alone. I don’t feel like me or my image add anything to the music so the music is enough to me. I’m just a nobody who has a passion for music.

2. vide is clearly a very personal project. Do you find a lot of catharsis in making the music? How do you feel listening to it back?

I do. Its an audio journal of sorts. It is an odd feeling when listening back. On one hand, I try to listen as a listener, not creator, so I can determine if it’s a song I enjoy. On the other hand, its a hard listen cause it just brings back the memories and thoughts I had that inspired the music. 

3. You mentioned before that you purposely don’t post your lyrics. Why?

Since vide is very personal, I don’t want to exclude some listeners who may not be able to relate to the words. I find without the lyrics, the listener can interrupt the words and voices in whatever way they want. I hope that helps listeners relate more in the end. 

4. It takes a specific kind of headspace to make music like this. Can you elaborate on what your writing method is and how you decide you need to make music about something?

The music has always come out of nowhere, never planned. Im the type of person who tends to let things build up inside. At some point, I just get to where I have to let some things off my chest and so I record. vide i for example was written at one of my lowest points in life. I had a lot of things going wrong in life. 

5. Your music obviously evokes a sense of hopelessness, loneliness, and sorrow. Are these things you struggle with personally? Does making this music help?

Yes, I go through those things every so often. They come and go in phases it seems. Making the music has been a big help. I had never done solo music before I started vide. After demo i, I realized how much it helped so I’ve made it a goal to keep going. Originally it was going to be a one and done thing.

6. There are clear influences from projects like Leviathan and Xasthur. What other projects do you draw from? Who are your musical inspirations?


My influences range all over but for the black metal side, its bands like Bathory, Darkthrone, Burzum and Judas Iscariot. My current musical inspirations these days have been Chelsea Wolfe and Dax Riggs. 

7. Your style of atmospheric depressive black metal is loaded with emotion. What do you think listeners take away from your music?


I really don’t know what they take away. I hope they take away the emotion because thats what I aim for. I try to make my stuff sound as authentic as I can. I don’t try to hide elements, I prefer the raw honest emotion up front. Thats the goal at least. 

8. Your demos are incredible. What plans do you have for vide in the future? 

I really appreciate you saying that. I’m grateful for anyone who listens even to a minute of my stuff. Next for vide is a split vinyl, compilation vinyl of vide i / ii and then a whole new vide release after. I’ve had requests for live shows, so hopefully I can make that happen down the line. 

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